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Formation & Vows


The formation process in the Order is governed by its Constitution. The goal of formation is to enable the candidate to let go of preconceived ideas of Religious Life, and to teach them to live within the Paracletian Ethos of prayer and service within Community. During formation the candidate and the Order have the opportunity to determine if it is a match for both.

We require a multi-level background security and psychological screening, at the candidate’s expense. The Order retains a psychologist for this purpose. A letter of recommendation from the candidate’s parish priest is required; a person who is ordained must present the written consent from their bishop. Each candidate must have access to a working computer.

Formation can take from three to five years. There are three levels of membership in the Order: Friend, Associate, and a Regular (a vowed member). Each has its own formation section. The Formation Program is administered by the local Guardian, through an appointed mentor, in concert with the Council of the Order.



From the Paracletian Rule of Life:

Vows witness to our commitment to live our religious vocation through the Paracletian way of Simplicity, Fidelity, and Obedience. The Paracletian Rule and Life is an extension of our Baptismal Covenant.

Upon completion of the novice year the person is vested with the habit and annual vows are taken for the next three years. At the end of those three years Life Profession may be made with the permission of the Council and the Bishop Visitor.